Schreiber Pediatric

Market Research, Fundraising, and Social Enterprise Consulting for an established non-profit entering new markets.

Schreiber Pediatric

Working with a partner company in the US, we worked with Schreiber to to develop new social enterprise models that would fulfill the promise of Schreiber’s 75 year history and mission, while improving the organization’s ability to remain self-sufficient.


After identifying need within new markets that Schreiber could serve, we conducted feasibility and developed rollout and branding strategies that fit with operational choices Schreiber would need to make in order to serve these new markets profitably.


Special emphasis was paid to how these new programmatic offerings would impact the fundraising efforts of Schreiber. In addition to helping Schreiber plan the move to a social enterprise focused platform, we conducted an in-depth analysis of their fundraising model and department, and worked to build the foundation needed to implement a “Moves Management” model to increase the value, number, and frequency of donors.


New program possibilities were identified in the mental health space for clients on the Autism Spectrum, as well as new opportunities for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy for private and charter schools. In addition to a detailed program pilot and rollout information, documentation and processes was developed for lead management, as well as example collateral to begin to market new offerings and explain the new programs to donors who may be interested in providing start up funding to the new initiatives.


July 30, 2015


Market Research, Non-Profit Consulting

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